We are makers.


Yellow Dog Party, aka YDP, was founded on a few principles that can be distilled into two major ideas:

  1. Do great work.
  2. Have fun doing it.

A party can be a group of individuals with a political goal or a party can be a group of people having fun. Our party is both. We are passionate about making the most kick-ass work we can while having fun doing it. And we're always striving to do better for ourselves and our clients.

We care about our work because we like to help our clients succeed and ultimately helping them helps us too. Great work makes us all look good. Plus, who wants to unleash more ugly, cringeworthy crap into the world? Not us.


YDP was founded in 2010 by Joe Clay. He started his career at the worst point in the last 20 years, right before the "Great Recession." Of course when the economy took a tumble he was the last man on the totem pole. So after jumping from failing company to failing company and figuring that he could do better, he committed to going it alone. Things went well, and in January of 2013 YDP became an actual company.

For the last four years, Joe and Severo have collaborated on a lot of animations (and fixing up old buildings to work inside). When their last lease ran out in early 2016, they converted Joe's detached garage into a small studio.

And now, though they maintain separate companies, they're coming together to work under the moniker Yellow Dog Party. They also run Workbench, which offers training and tools for creatives.


Joe has been working in this industry for over ten years now—since AE 5.0 on Mac OS 9—and Sev started when Joe started high school (sorry Sev), so he's been in the game for a long time. That's like a billion years of combined experience in the fast-moving world of mograph.