YDP is these dudes.

Joe Clay

Joe is the 2D mograph kung-fu master. You open his compositions expecting to find raster images somewhere, but all you see is a shape. What's under the shape? Another shape. What's under that? It's shapes all the way down, brother. He likes expressions, coding, animating, illustrating, and keeping his digital files neat and tidy.

Severo Ojea

Severo AKA Sev is a 3D Ninja. You lose sight of him when he disappears behind some simple 3D cube and when you turn around, he's escaped through a mist of X-particles. He likes animating, Doctor Who, and keeping wires bundled neatly behind his desk.

And with their powers combined, they are Captain Planet. No, seriously. You've never heard of the great Sevorjoe Oclaya? You're missing out.